Oriol.CodesData Science and Coding

My name is Oriol Mirosa. I am the Chief Data Scientist at Shubh Loans, an Indian startup based in Bangalore that uses alternative sources of data to provide access to credit to those previously unserved.

Before that, I was a professor of sociology and global studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where I taught a number of classes and I did research on the environment and on access to water for vulnerable groups in developing countries (you can find more details about my work and a list of my publications in my sociology website).

I’m originally from Catalonia, but I live in Atlanta with my wife and daughter.

These are some of the technologies I use in my work:

  • Python (NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, Scikit-Learn, Statsmodels, Matplotlib, PyTorch)
  • R (tidyverse)
  • SQL
  • Jupyter Notebook and Lab
  • Plotly/Dash
  • Apache Superset
  • AWS

You can check out some of my work in the Portfolio page of this website, and you will find all my open source code in my Github page.